Are you using Twitter for your startup marketing? If not, here’s why you should

October 21, 2016 by Vivek0


Hello, Startup Founders/Marketers,

Let’s start with couple of questions:

  • Are you using Twitter as a marketing channel?
  • Is Twitter a crucial part of the initial journey?
  • Are you able to utilize Twitter fully to achieve your marketing goals?

If you answered “NO” or even a “maybe”, this is the perfect blog post for you. Read on.

First of all, let’s look at some latest statistics (August 2016) on Twitter from DMR.

  • Number of Twitter Users: 313 million
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 120 million
  • Daily Active Twitter Users: 100 million

Can you see the impact this platform can have on your marketing efforts or how it can be the perfect place to probably meet your ideal users?

If you cannot, don’t worry; it is my responsibility to explain that to you.

So shall we? Let’s get into the details why Twitter is one perfect tool for your startup marketing game:

1. Perfect place to identify Beta Users

For every startup, all the early days’ efforts are primarily focused on making their product/service as perfect as possible. The best way to accomplish that goal is recruiting the best set of beta testers who are honest and enthusiastic enough to test the product and provide the best feedback. This helps in constant improvement of the product before releasing it to the whole world.

But one of the main issues startup folks face is the identification and recruiting the ideal beta testers for their product/ service. Don’t worry anymore about the same.

Try Twitter as the platform for finding and connecting with the beta users for your next product and you will be able to see the difference. I am pretty sure you can find the number of beta testers needed for your product from the 120 million monthly active Twitter users.

So next time around, I strongly feel you should look at Twitter as your place to find and recruit beta testers.

2. Hunting ground for Ideal Prospects

Every startup founder knows initial traction or initial group of users are crucial for their success. Finding them, connecting with them, generating interest and finally converting them into customers is one of the biggest challenge faced by every startup.

Let’s break it down. The first step in this whole process is finding or identifying the ideal prospects. That is one of the biggest challenge for every startup marketer. Don’t worry anymore.

Use Twitter as the hunting ground for your ideal prospects for your product. Use the advanced search option of the platform well. Find the group of individuals or organizations who will fit in your persona from Twitter.

Isn’t it cool?

3. Networking ground for Influencer Marketing

As a startup marketer, there is no need for me to enlighten you how much a simple shout-out from an influencer can boost your marketing efforts. For example, an influencer mentioning your product in his content piece will instantly boost traffic to your website or put your brand in front of their followers immediately.

That’s the sole reason why Influencer Marketing is one of the key areas all marketers are paying attention to these days.

But the BIG question which stands in front of every startup marketer is how to identify the RIGHT influencers, where to FIND them and how to CONNECT with them.

Drumrolls, please. Don’t worry any more friends. Twitter is the perfect answer for all the 3 dilemmas above.

You can use Twitter to identify the right influencers (Use advanced search well), connect with them and finally win their confidence so that they will be there to help you at the RIGHT time.

So try it out, folks.

4. Ideal avenue for Collaboration

Today’s world is a collaborative one; I think everyone will agree with me on this one. Every individual and every organization are looking for avenues for collaboration so that their reach can expand in the right manner. Collaboration with the RIGHT partner can boost your startup marketing efforts immensely as it will boost your brand visibility and may introduce your brand to new segments.

These collaborations can be with another startup with complementary offerings or with an influencer who is an expert in your area or an established brand in the market.

But again: How to find these opportunities for collaboration which can prove million dollar ideas for your startup? 

The answer is simple: Twitter.

Twitter can help you connect with other startups, individuals, organizations or even influencers who are looking for perfect collaboration opportunities. I request you to identify the right ones, connect with them, engage and then put across your idea for collaboration.

5. Simplest tool for Content Marketing

As a startup marketer, one of the critical tasks for you is to produce quality content to spread your brand messaging. Most of the marketers do a fantastic job with the same but still they commit one grave mistake- Not sharing the awesome content enough.

Most of the times, when I ask startup marketers why they commit that mistake, their answer will be ” Where to share and which platform is more reliable when it comes to returns?”. I say Twitter is the perfect platform for the same.

As you have already seen, it is the network where your prospects are hanging out for personal and professional purposes. That makes it the simplest and best tool for your content marketing.

Share on Twitter your awesome content in multiple formats multiple times. And measure the impact it is bringing.

So that’s it for now. I hope you have realized the importance of Twitter as a platform for your startup marketing. If not, you can connect with me here and I will be happy to explain more.

So get onto Twitter and start the MAGIC.



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